How to Grow Your Amazon Sales in 2021

For most first-time eCommerce entrepreneurs, Amazon is one of the best platforms to start a business. Considering how many people use Amazon on any given day, it’s no wonder why online store owners seek to work with them as soon as possible. It’s a privilege to be supported by such a business, as it allows entrepreneurs to focus on making things a smoother experience for online users, such as with Amazon Marketing.

However, just because a shopping empire has the seller’s back does not mean that there is nothing they need to do to solidify their position. Keep in mind that Amazon has many more ambitious sellers with marketing campaigns that could end up overshadowing most of the competitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary, and it’s crucial to learn Amazon SEO to make the most out of the situation. Here’s how a store owner can grow their Amazon sales in 2021.

  • Getting as many reviews as possible with the help of professionals

Without a doubt, reviews play a significant part when marketing an Amazon store. When there are so many other online stores selling the same thing, reviews will allow some stores to overshadow the others. While positive reviews are ideal, it does not mean that average reviews are not helpful. There will always be mediocre to low reviews, no matter how hard an online store works to maintain product quality. Thankfully, a good number of average reviews can often help a company get more purchases down the line. It makes the product look more genuine, at least compared to products that have nothing but positive feedback.

For those looking to take advantage of marketing through reviews, there are online reputation management (ORM) companies focused on Amazon that can help. Online stores can also reward those who rate their products.

  • Be generous with discounts and promotions when it comes to Amazon Marketing

If an Amazon store owner wants to get as much exposure as possible, a good way of getting the job done would be through discounts and promotions. For example, the Walmart Marketplace will sometimes have events promoting products and services with a low enough discount, and Amazon does the same thing. While it might not translate to a lot of revenue initially, it’s all about building the trust of online users. A store that constantly goes for promotions will likely be supported by online users, even when there are no current discounts.

  • Understanding how Amazon SEO works

Fortunately, there isn’t too much to worry about when it comes to studying SEO. It’s a simple enough goal of attracting the algorithm with the help of keywords and other tactics. The trick is to find an SEO agency specializing in Amazon to help the store owner maintain a foothold in the industry. Even online store owners with barely any experience can benefit significantly from SEO, as they can learn from the best.

With the help of SEO, online store owners learn how to utilize keywords and fully market their business endeavors. It’s something they can continue to do even after the agency is no longer a part of the picture.

  • Learning about keyword volume

Last but certainly not least, keyword volume can sometimes make it challenging for SEO to do its job. For example, a low keyword volume will mean that no matter how effective the marketing is, not enough people are searching for the keyword in question. Therefore, it’s always best to study the most relevant keywords and use the ones that can provide adequate results. Learning how to shift marketing strategies due to low keyword volume is something online stores have to do to turn things around.


Having an Amazon store can be amazing for most eCommerce entrepreneurs. Learning how to take advantage of the situation and use SEO to get the job done is even better. With a bit of know-how and hard work, even the most inexperienced store owner can be successful.